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Calicut and the Growing Real Estate Market

Calicut, the popular city of Kerala is getting more developed day by day. Good climate is making many people think about shifting to Calicut immediately. If you’re looking for a new house on a rental basis or want to purchase one for your family, then it may be the right time to know everything about Calicut. Know that why people are so much interested in having a house in Calicut by reading this post which mentions everything about Calicut.

How to Buy Perfect House in Calicut? Know the Best Tips

There may be many houses for sale in Calicut, but it’s important that you decide to buy the perfect house for yourself. People who can’t immediately buy a house in Calicut, but want to shift to this beautiful city of Kerala can definitely look for flats on rent in this city. Many people invest money for buying a home in this city full of natural beauty, and that’s why you may easily be able to get a flat in the best locality on rental basis.

Here are some of the best tips which you should implement while going through the flats available for sale in Calicut.

Choose the Perfect Location for Your Family

Yes, Calicut is an amazing city and that’s why you may have many options. While you’re looking for houses on sale in Kozhikode you should try to know that whether a school, mall, market is situated nearby or not. There are 3 popular bus stands in Calicut, and that’s why you should definitely try to book a house near to one of them so that travelling will become easy. Highway connects Kozhikode with Mangalore, Goa and other cities, that’s why flats near to the highway are in demand.

 Understanding the Market

Even if you may be thinking to reside for long term in this amazing city of Kerala, you definitely need to think about the ups and downs of the Estate market. Even after a less budget you may not go for a rental house in Kozhikode, but buy a house by opting for loan. While doing so, you may definitely want to buy a house which will value much higher in future. You may definitely want to get the best return on investment, and it may be possible by buying a house in Calicut as the demand for houses in city will keep increasing.

Know about the Developer, Legal Issues etc

Before you buy a house for yourself in Calicut, the most important thing that you should do is that you should know about the developer. You should know that whether the construction has been done properly or not and whether the best materials have been used. Even knowing that whether the approvals have been given by all the authorities is an important thing as you’ll get sure that no problem will arise in future. Many new developers have started new projects in Calicut as it has become an investment hub, and that’s why you should look out for some reputed developers.

If you’re buying home on loan, then do check out that whether the bank will approve the loan for buying a particular house or investing in a new project. You may even check the facilities like parking, garden, gym membership etc before you buy a flat for yourself in Calicut as many options are available.

 Why You Should Invest in Calicut? – Calicut Homes

Calicut, a city with so many natural beauty spots has become a popular investment hub in Kerala. With the changing time, people are getting more interested in buying a flat in Kerala. Even those who’re interested in doing a new business are showing internet in buying a shop in Calicut.

Here are the reasons which may make you invest in a property in Calicut.

  1. Calicut is turning into a Metropolis City – Calicut has become a city where builders are coming with new projects regularly and it is now becoming a Metropolis city with connected highways, airports, best Railway facility etc. If you’re thinking about shifting to a city which is into a very fast development mode, then this city of Kerala can be the best choice for you.
  1. Increasing Industries and Industrial Centers – Many traders especially dealing in spices have made Calicut a trading center. New industries have been set up and many more are soon to get established in Calicut. Even many students with their families are making the decision to shift to Calicut which is because of the institutes which are National Institute of Technology, Medical College and Institute of Technology.

Parents who want their children to study properly and also feel relax by enjoying the natural beauty of some of the places in Calicut may definitely decide to buy a house for family in Calicut.

  1. Medical Facilities – Tourists for their medical treatment visit Kozhikode as there are Special hospitals and Ayurveda treatment centers available in this city of Kerala. Even students who want to do their medical internship often decide to get a flat on rent in Kozhikode.
  2. Availability of Finance – Banks are ready to give loan to those who want to invest in good projects or purchase a shop in a mall in Calicut. As the number of banks have increased in Calicut, getting loan for a new house has become very easy for people in this city. If you’ve not been able to get finance for a house in some other city of Kerala, then it may be the right time to look for a house in Calicut.
  3. Upward Movement in Real Estate Market – No one may want to invest in a real estate market having downward movement, and that’s why the upward movement in real estate market has made many people buy a flat in Kozhikode. Due to the increasing resident buildings, malls and business opportunities the upward movement may be seen for many more years. Buy a flat for yourself in Calicut if you want to get good return on your money.
  4. Infrastructural Development – Roads have become better and highway connects Kozhikode to different cities. Even a new mono rail is going to launch which may definitely increase the residential houses rates. Development is bringing more companies to Calicut which is increasing the job opportunities.

It is the availability of work opportunities, variety of facilities and good climate making people prefer Calicut over some of the other best cities of India. Even those who want to secure their future are deciding to purchase a flat in Kozhikode as it can be the best long term investment.

Kerala’s most cities are very popular and Calicut is definitely one of them. It may be the right time to have a flat in South India as you may definitely want to enjoy every vacation in Calicut. You may definitely compare the real estate trends of Calicut with the trends of other cities.

 Real Estate Market in Kozhikode/Calicut

Before you book a flat on rent or buy a flat for yourself by opting for loan, you should know about the condition of the real estate market in Kozhikode/Calicut.

  1. Infrastructure Development Bringing Growth in Real Estate Market

State Government has realized that Calicut is growing and soon it may become the best city of Kerala. Infrastructure development is been done on a huge scale by State Government which is increasing the residential houses price, and that’s why you should try to book a flat as soon as possible. Mainly because of its location, climate, business opportunities and the financial facilities real estate market is growing day by day.

  1. Rapid Urbanization

Professionals like doctors, lawyers and even industrialists are deciding to shift to Calicut not because of the available growth opportunities, but also because of the reason that they want to live in a better atmosphere. You may be able to find that these people book flats in some of the best residential buildings as they want to have the best lifestyle. Better lifestyle and urbanization may attract many more people from different cities and villages of Kerala shift to Calicut.

Improved Road Transport Facilities

Those who have to commute daily to office or even go to other cities can make use of buses. Highways make travelling easier for people residing in Kozhikode. People who are provided with house rent from their office find Kozhikode as the best city to reside in which is because of the more number of options. Finding a house according to budget is easily possible due to availability of estate agents and one won’t have to waste time.

New Luxury Apartments

One of the things changing in Calicut is that number of luxury apartments are increasing. Developers are trying to provide new concepts in their buildings to attract investors and providing families with best type of living. Even Government banks are providing loan to those who want to invest money in the best type of projects.

The increasing number of flats and shops has made many estate agents take the decision of residing in Calicut. You should try to contact the best estate agents as then you’ll need to pay reasonable commission and save your money. If you’re someone who is going to buy 2-3 flats, then you should definitely try to contact the developers or agents who can make you know about the flats in the best locality in Calicut.